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Love Science? Get Involved!

Are you fascinated or intrigued with the world of space exploration, science, math, or engineering? Are you interested in STEM/STEAM based community outreach? Whether you are an expert in one of the STEM fields, or an enthusiast wanting to learn more - we are looking for people to join our project to cultivate social and community spaces for scientific discussions.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


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UPDATE! New Surveys for Science Enthusiasts and STEM Educators/Experts have been added to the site. Please check them out and share with your friends!


September, 2017:
Due to Hurricane Irma, the AIAA SPACE 2017 Conference was canceled. As a result, we have extended Phase One of "Communities for Science" into 2018. Please stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, take some time to check out our survey below!

Scientific literacy is becoming increasingly importance in public discussions on policy, relevancy, and funding of scientific research. This is why we have chosen to begin the Communities for Science study and project. 

We are searching for creative solutions to engage those people who do not see the importance, or understand the rigor, of scientific inquiry.  Our ultimate goals are to:

  • Foster public understanding and enthusiasm for the sciences by creating social and community spaces for open communication between scientists and the public
  • Promote STEM based community outreach
  • Inspire other communities to do the same. 

Phase One

We have found that a significant challenge in this endeavor is directly engaging with those who have either no interest in discussing the sciences or hold a deep distrust for experts in the STEM fields.  Therefore, in Phase One of this study, we are focusing on finding, fostering, and supporting community intermediaries – those people who may not have 'expertise' in any particular STEM field but who already possess an interest in the sciences.  These individuals and groups have the ability to personally engage their own social circles, and many already have already experienced the challenges of sharing their love of science with an uninterested or dubious audience.

Through a series of Round Table Discussions, newsletters, and a campaign of social media outreach, we hope to bring together people from all over the Bay Area, and provide a forum where ideas, methods, and social tools for positive change can be shared between experts and enthusiasts. 

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