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How Space Exploration Benefits Society - Day 2

  • Santa Rosa Junior College (map)

Course: How Space Exploration Benefits Society
Instructor: Dawn M. Keiser
Location: Santa Rosa Junior College Community Education, Emeritus Hall, Room 1597
Saturdays, July 8th & 15th, 10am - 1pm
Course Fee: $74
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Course Description:
Did you know that the case protecting your phone may have been made using NASA developed material? Or that the bubbles in your craft brew could be from technology originally designed for use on Mars?
Aerospace organizations like NASA are on the front lines of technological, scientific, and industrial innovation, and perhaps without even knowing it we see evidence of their work every day.  From imaging technology that helps firefighters coordinate wildfire efforts to the GPS we use to navigate through busy city streets, the benefits of space exploration research are everywhere.  We even have the ability to recycle thousands of tons of plastic waste into usable fuel.
As NASA prepares for the retirement of International Space State, and commercial businesses make ready to take over low earth orbit, the space industry is on the cusp paradigm shift that could change the world as profoundly as when we succeeded in sending human beings into space for the first time.