Communities for Science

Phase One Surveys


All questions are voluntary and every survey is anonymous.  Your answers will be used for educational purposes only and all data collected will be stripped of personally identifiable information before being reported on in the Communities for Science study.

Initial Phase One Survey

Initial, fact-finding survey of the study. If you do not consider yourself a STEM educator or expert, or are not sure whether you would consider yourself a science enthusiast, but want to help, this is a good survey for you.

(If you're feeling ambitious, you can also fill this out and then fill out one of our new surveys as well!)

Phase One Survey for Science Enthusiasts

Are you enthusiastic about science, enjoy engineering, or think math is fun (if challenging)? Are you passionate about the climate? Do you look up at night and wonder about our solar system?  Are you fascinated by any of the STEM fields, even if you don't feel like you understand it?

This is the survey for you:

Phase One Survey for STEM Educators and Experts

Do you teach science, technology, engineering, or math, at any academic level? Are you a subject matter expert in a STEM field? Are you interested in efforts to increase the general public's awareness and understanding of the importance of your field?

This is the survey for you: